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Artist Bio:
Raised in Austin, Texas, Laura Zollar was immersed in a creative environment of art and music at a very young age. Following graduation from college with a degree in Fine Art, Zollar applied her talents for more than a decade in the advertising profession. This involved several years as a partner in a design firm, which supported her passion to develop a solid body of paintings and drawings. Many of her illustrations and designs were featured in advertising campaigns for clients comprised of well-known casinos, golf courses and restaurants.
Zollar's fine art has been shown in numerous venues over many years, with artwork in several collections, and her involvement in the art world included ownership of a gallery in Las Vegas. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her family.

Graphic Design

What is a logo?
Logos, or identity marks are a great unification tool for any business and person. A logo represents a professional and inspirational rallying point, the banner that is displayed for the world to see. It is symbolically how you dress your business and present what you offer.

What is Illustration?
Illustration is an interpretive form of drawing or painting that conveys a story, object or person in a stylized way. Properly used, illustration is an opportunity to communicate in a fresh way, turning promotional material into works of art.

With an extensive background in graphic design and fine art, Laura Zollar is an award-winning illustrator and logo artist.

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